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The Benefits of a Fireplace Insert

For homeowners with existing gas or wood-burning fireplaces, it can be frustrating to see high energy bills each month when the fireplace is used. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces simply aren’t very efficient, which is why many homeowners look into remodeling their fireplace at some point to increase efficiency and functionality. One of the best decisions homeowners… Read More »

Say Goodbye to These 10 Home Design Trends That Are So 2015

pio   vesempre/iStockIt’s hard to think of today’s decor trends with anything other than a myopic view. We have finally perfected interior design! you might think, smugly ensconced within the enveloping folds of your velvet couch while staring at your gallery wall—complete with a faux taxidermy deer head, of course. But never forget the ’70s—or the ’50s, or any decade you… Read More »

Here’s How Smart Your Home Can Be in 2016

Everywhere you turn these days, you hear just how “smart” your home can be. In fact, 2016 is being hailed as the year that our homes truly enter the high-tech future, and all that talk about the “Internet of things” becomes more than just blather. Only what exactly does this all mean? What are the new smart objects available for… Read More »