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In Telecom Row, Government Could Be Making A Grave Mistake

For Kumar Mangalam Birla’s textile-to-telecom empire, adversity is a 100-year-old companion. In 1919, when the businessman’s great-grandfather wanted to start a jute mill, the dominant British firm, Andrew Yule & Co., bought all the surrounding Calcutta land. The Imperial Bank, the forerunner of today’s State Bank of India, initially refused Birla a loan. The government… Read More »

Engineer fined for blogging exactly how to hack a hotel’s Wi-Fi

It’s one thing to report website vulnerabilities before they’re used maliciously. It’s another to blog about a vulnerability online. Singapore authorities fined Zheng Dutao, an engineer at Chinese internet giant Tencent, S$5,000 (about $3,660) this week after discovering he hacked into a hotel’s Wi-Fi system and shared sensitive information on his blog, ZDNet reported Tuesday. Zheng was staying at the… Read More »

5 Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Becoming a thought leader, an individual who drives innovation and new ideas in a given industry, is an objectively valuable path for any professional. Thought leaders are popular, well respected and connected enough to drive real value to their respective businesses. They’re charismatic institutions, revered both by customers and workers within the industry. But getting there… Read More »