Honoring an Educator During Teacher Appreciation Week

By | March 9, 2019

After spending countless hours inside and outside the classroom educating their students, instructors who receive a gift or kind gesture of thanks will feel loved and respected. Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week – or any week of the year – recognize an educator who works with your children with a symbol of gratitude that they will use and cherish.

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Provide Sustenance

During a long day in the classroom, your favorite teacher will need a snack for a boost of energy. Consider cookie gift baskets as a way to offer an instructor an assortment of sweet treats that he can even share with his students. You can also supply a selection of ready-to-eat fresh fruits, vegetables and dips for a healthy touch. Add some tumblers of chilled, fruit-infused water as a refreshing beverage to accompany the food.

Showcase Achievements

Illustrate how much a teacher has done throughout the past several months by creating a decorative scrapbook filled with highlights of activities, student accomplishments and classroom bonding. In addition to featuring chronological pictures that recap the year, ask each student to design a page that includes a favorite photo and a handwritten note of thanks. Add a few blank pages to the back of the scrapbook where parents can add their well-wishes and thoughts about the school year.

Offer Assistance

Busy educators might also appreciate some helping hands to ease the workload. Show your gratitude by volunteering in the classroom to set up activities, organize supplies or read to the students. If you’re unavailable during the day, offer to assist after school or at home at night by sorting papers, creating educational posters or cutting paper for future art activities.

Teaching can sometimes seem like a thankless job. Be sure the educators in your life feel honored and admired with a gesture that provides the support and pampering they deserve.