New hairstyle and caring

By | February 26, 2019

If you have already chosen your new hairstyle from a list of available wigs, it’s time to enjoy it. Maybe you think it will not need as much care as natural hair … that’s not as accurate as you might imagine. Regardless of its origin, all hair types must be taken care off. Here are some small tips so you can start using it and give it the care it deserves:


Cutting the lace. It is important that you do it from the beginning, but very carefully (or you could ruin your new hair). You only need to eliminate a quarter of an inch, around the front and the sides. And do not do it in one go, take your time so that the work is clean and precise.


Choose the division. In other words, wear your hair and comb it to choose where your main line will be. Do you want it centred, or slightly to the left or right? Give it your style to make it part of your personality.


Style (on your head or in your hands). A matter of taste: you can stylize your wig on a stand in front of you, or put it on to treat it like your natural hair. In any case, remember that you must moisten it to start the treatment you like. And when you’re done, dry it with a towel, and if you have a human hair wig, you can also use a dryer to create new hairstyles.

This is the main thing, but we can not forget the maintenance either. Because your hair deserves excellent care. You do not treat it with any product or give it less attention than the rest of your body. Of course, the treatment will depend on the type of hair. It can be natural, or it can be a new wig and even extensions.


Let’s start with the shampoos and conditioners. If you do not choose the right formula for your hair type, you can damage the fibre; that will make it look dry, fragile and lifeless. So, always take into consideration the type of wig that you have to treat it with the right products.


One case to notice is the Woolite. Before it was common to use it because the material of the wigs was not as sensitive as now. So, do not think that, because it is a synthetic product, its care will be easier. It’s even more important when dealing with human hair wigs. Check a list of available wigs in stock to see how you can take good care of your selection.

The advantage is that, with wigs, you do not have to worry about washing your hair every day. It is best to clean it after every 6 or 8 uses. However, you should worry about moisturizing it so it does not lose its shine, with a leave-in conditioner.


Finally, remember to avoid products with a lot of sulphate and parabens. The first is recommended as an ideal ingredient to clean the hair, but if it is too concentrated it could eliminate the colour and natural oils of your natural hair, and even of the wigs. At the same time, the Parabens is promoted as a protection against bacteria and fungi, although its excess can alter the body’s hormones.