Extending Relationships Beyond the Parish

By | February 15, 2019

Building relationships and extending the community beyond the walls of the church is a common mission for many churches. This goal is achieved through volunteer efforts, donation services and establishing a presence at local events.

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However, there is a less obvious way in which to reach out and develop lasting partnerships for your church. By seeking out local businesses to help remodel or resupply your Christian church supplies, you are bringing business into your community and benefitting from the experience and knowledge that only they could offer you.

The Value of Local Supplies

Whether it is a new supply of candles, updated vestments for the clergy or finely crafted statues, a local supplier will know what is popular and appropriate for your area. Climate, geographical location and access to your church are crucial bits of information that can help a company tailor your order to your particular needs. This intimate familiarity with your church, its culture and that of the surrounding areas is a priceless benefit of doing business on a local level.

Hidden Talents Discovered

As you make that Sunday announcement detailing the new plans for the church and the supplies that are needed, you may discover hidden talents among the parishioners. Projects that needed to be hired out to complete might be finished by volunteers who did not think their skills were useful. A similar occurrence can happen when you work with a supplier who has built relationships with local artisans and craftsmen that you might not have access to. Bringing the work of skilled tradespeople into your spiritual community is a unique opportunity to expand the ministry of your church while connecting to the valuable resources beyond your borders.

When the goals and needs of your parish seem daunting, remember that participating in your community and building solid relationships that convey your mission can be as simple as resupplying the goods and wares your church will always need.