Horse Insurance: Protecting Your Beloved Equines

By | February 11, 2019

You’re probably familiar with pet insurance that covers smaller animals like cats and dogs. For those who own horses, there are also opportunities available so that you can keep your animal and those who ride it protected. This special insurance is recommended for anyone who owns a horse.

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Protect Yourself From Liability

There are several different types of horse insurance, and one of those includes liability if someone were to get hurt while riding your horse. Even if your animal is calm and collected, certain things can suddenly frighten a horse, causing them to potentially buck someone off. If you own a stable with a track or other facilities where you let people ride your horses, this type of insurance is highly recommended to protect you from potentially serious litigation.

Horse Mortality Insurance

Horses are a major investment, and you can protect that investment with this type of insurance. Mortality coverage will give you peace of mind and the coverage also encompasses theft of the horse. Your premium for horse mortality insurance depends on the age of the horse, its current health status, its sex, and the intended use of the horse.

Medical Coverage is an Absolute Must

Horses can be susceptible to a range of illnesses and potential injury. Major medical coverage will help you pay for things like vaccinations, needed surgeries, and emergencies. If you have to pay for an equine vet out of pocket, it can be quite expensive, so having medical insurance for your horse is highly recommended to help you keep costs down and to ensure that your horse is well cared for.

Other Forms of Insurance

Depending on how you use your horse, there may be other types of coverage available to you. For example, if you have a horse that participates in shows, insurance can help cover things like overseas transit. If your horse happens to cause you income loss due to health issues or age, some supplemental horse insurance plans will cover these types of things as well.

Horses are beautiful, powerful animals and they often require special care. From riding lessons to dressage and other shows, your horse is not only a friend to you, it’s most likely also an investment. Keep your special animal safe and protected with a number of plans that will ensure that both you and your equine friend are healthy and happy.