Environmental award for Microgaming

By | October 5, 2017


The recent Environmental award for Microgaming should not really surprise anyone. To a certain extent, this is a company whose very concept is environmentally friendly. People who actually travel in order to enjoy casino games are consuming a lot of natural resources in the process. There is really no way of getting around it. Traveling of all kinds tends to consume a lot of natural resources, particularly if people travel by plane.

The fact that Microgaming has made it a lot easier for people to enjoy casino games such as Royal Vegas online video slots at a distance really does make all the difference from an environmental perspective. People might use some power in their smartphones and their laptops, but it really is minor compared with the amount of energy that they would use in order to travel.

It’s positive to see that Microgaming is an environmentally friendly company in more ways than one, even down to its headquarters. This is a company that has used technology at its headquarters in order to make them more sustainable in terms of use throughout the day.


There’s smart lighting everywhere, and that means that the lighting will become less bright in response to the natural lighting conditions outside. As such, people won’t be wasting electricity when they could be taking advantage of natural light instead.


The new headquarters also have recycling facilities everywhere, and this will easily encourage employees to be more sustainable themselves. Microgaming headquarters overall should not waste as many resources as a result of all of these new recycling facilities. These should make the company significantly cleaner.


The actual headquarters themselves more or less constitute marvels of sustainability. The buildings were all made using recycled and reclaimed building materials. This is already the sort of thing that will impress a lot of environmentalists. Plenty of companies are resistant to decisions like that. Microgaming appears to be a completely different company in that way, really making a lot of progress when it comes to using the resources that are already available.


The smart heating controls should also make a huge difference for the people who are trying to find a way to save money throughout the year while working at Microgaming. This is a company that did not expend all that many resources initially with regards to the construction of the building. It looks like this is going to be the same thing when it comes to the use of resources throughout the year. People use a lot of energy in order to heat a building. With the Microgaming building, this will be much less of a problem.


Microgaming will get a lot of recognition for all of these sustainability achievements. They should also manage to save a lot of money on heating and on electricity. Other companies have every reason to actually try to follow the example of companies like Microgaming. These strategies can make a huge difference.