New device to treat urinary incontinence

Researchers have developed a tiny, implantable device that may one day help people, who suffer from urinary incontinence, bypass the need for medication or electronic stimulators. The device, developed by Washington University in St. Louis, US, can detect overactivity in the bladder and then use light from tiny, biointegrated LEDs to reduce the urge to urinate.… Read More »

Older people with hearing loss more likely to have depression

Older adults with age-related hearing loss are more likely to have greater risk of depressive symptoms, finds a study. The researchers, from the Columbia University in the US, found that older adults with mild hearing loss were almost twice as likely to have clinically significant symptoms of depression than those with normal hearing. Individuals with severe hearing loss… Read More »

Swine flu claims 2 in Rajasthan

Two people died of swine flu on Thursday in Rajasthan while a total of 44 new cases tested positive in the state, health officials said here. According to Health Department officials, of the 44 cases, 17 patients are from Jodhpur, nine from Jaipur, three each from Sikar and Barmer, two each from Kota, Pali, Ajmer and Udaipur and… Read More »

Parents’ job stress linked to kid’s health

Besides economic resources, parents’ autonomy in the workplace can help boost the health of their children, suggests a research. While it was long known that sick children can affect a company’s bottom line, less is known about the impact a parent’s work life has on their children’s health. The researchers, from the University of Houston in… Read More »

Those with dark-coloured eyes at higher risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Feeling blue in winter? It may be due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Do you have dark coloured eyes? You are at a greater risk of suffering from SAD. A new research published in Open Access Journal of Behavioural Science & Psychology has shown how people who have dark/brown eyes ‘demonstrate higher levels of SAD‘ when compared with those with light/blue eyes. The study… Read More »

Newly discovered spinach-protein may help people dealing with alcohol abuse, mood disorders

A large protein found in spinach may aid in the development of new medications for millions around the world dealing with alcohol use disorders, chronic pain and mood disorders, researchers said. The study, led by researchers from the Purdue University, discovered two peptides which are naturally metabolic products of Rubisco — a large protein found in many plants… Read More »

AI in activity trackers, smartphones threatening privacy of health data: Study

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in devices such as activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches, are threatening the privacy of people’s health data, finds a study led by an Indian-origin researcher, arguing that current laws and regulations do not safeguard individuals’ confidential health information. The findings, led by University of California – Berkeley engineer Anil Aswani, showed that… Read More »

Eating an egg daily may keep diabetes away

Eating an egg daily can have a beneficial effect on the blood metabolite profile that is related to a lower risk of Type-2 diabetes, a new study shows. The findings showed that the blood samples of men who ate more eggs included certain lipid molecules that positively correlated with the blood profile of men who remained… Read More »

5 common pitfalls every marathon runner must avoid

Speeding up, training too hard, cramming in, dehydration, improper running gear, uneven breathing and lack of nutrient-rich food are some mistakes that marathon runners make. Although these are some aspects which are usually given undue attention to, over-training and pushing oneself too hard to gain maximum results in the lowest possible time is a very common mistake. As Mumbai marathon… Read More »