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Time Running Out for Comet Probe Philae

Scientists will send a few final prods to robot lab Philae, incommunicado on the surface of a comet hurtling through space, but hopes for a reply are running out, they said Tuesday. A last-chance manoeuvre was attempted Sunday to shift the tiny lander into a sunnier angle for its battery-replenishing solar panels. “Unfortunately this attempt… Read More »

New Self-Adaptive Material Heals Itself, Stays Tough

Scientists have invented a self-adaptive material that heals itself and bounces back from extraordinary compression which may be useful for tissue engineering or lightweight structural applications. The material created by researchers at Rice University in Texas, US combines self-healing and reversible self-stiffening properties. Called SAC (self-adaptive composite), the material consists of what amounts to sticky,… Read More »

Powerful Replacement in Works for US Climate-Modelling Supercomputer

One of the most powerful computers in the world dedicated to climate change, weather and other earth science research will be replaced in 2017 by an even faster machine, officials announced Monday. The Yellowstone supercomputer in Wyoming currently ranks among the 60 fastest in the world. The new supercomputer, to be named Cheyenne, will be… Read More »

Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equation Inadequate, Claims Indian Researcher

Einstein’s mass-energy equation (E=mc^2) is inadequate as it has not been completely studied and is only valid under special conditions, an Indian researcher has claimed in an international paper. Einstein considered just two light waves of equal energy emitted in opposite directions with uniform relative velocity, Ajay Sharma, a Shimla-based researcher who challenged Albert Einstein’s… Read More »