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Financial help

Ascholarship for students from India was recently announced by the New College of the Humanities (NCH) based in London. Founded in 2011 by British philosopher AC Grayling, the college offers a liberal arts-inspired undergraduate curriculum through one-to-one tutorials and small group teaching. In September 2015, the college’s first graduates achieved final degree results. The ‘Professor… Read More »

Close crop

Nepal was struck by a high-magnitude earthquake, causing large-scale destruction and rendering many homeless. Another earthquake struck it on May 12 leading to an adverse impact on the people and their livelihood, which is mostly agriculture. Aid poured in but political instability at the time made it hard for organizations as well as foreign government… Read More »

Road to rooms

Visit to Pakistan rekindled the artist in Sahar Zaman. She has brought art from the streets in to homes. “Through a friend who promotes truck art, I was exposed to this form of folk art. I was impressed with the way reflective stickers are used to make colourful patterns that glow in the dark and… Read More »

Subject wise – An artistic edge

Traditionally, the study of arts is divided into visual arts and ap plied arts. With an increasing number of creative profiles across industries, students can choose from a range of specialisations in fine arts and performing arts. Course connect Students who wish to pursue a career in fine arts can opt for a fouryear Bachelor… Read More »

Rethink degrees

IN the midst of the spot light on India’s education system, there is a need to review and change some notions about credentials and grades, said experts at an event in Delhi recently.  Highlighting Indians’ love for degrees, Pradipta Banerjee, director, IIT Roorkee, said, “We need to change the social dimension of a degree.Everybody wants… Read More »