Top Fashion Lessons For 2017 that you need to Learn

By | February 17, 2017

For beginners, it is important to go step by step to improve your style, learning aspects of fashion and how it affects your image.

Fashion means to wear that looks good on you, amplifying your best assets and hiding the ones that you do not feel good about. Assess yourself objectively with respect to the figure contours, shape, body proportions and once you get the details, wear the best garments based on current fashion trends that look good on you.Make simple adjustments to the wardrobe and improve its “health” by understanding how the changes work and affect your appearance along with your image.

Here are the most important fashion lessons for 2017 that will help you out:

  • Alter Your Clothing Types

One should invest in clothing like blazers and pants that are tailored. These custom-fit clothes will make you feel more special when you wear it, since they fit you perfectly.

  • Invest In Staples

Invest in staple clothes like coats, blazers and the like, that do not change with the trends of the season, and are always in fashion. Spend more on one such item and opt for quality, since it is better to spend on one good coat rather than multiple cheap ones.

  • Denim Makes your Attire Casual Anytime

A good pair of jeans can always help in getting you up and going in the shortest time possible. You can just opt for a good top to go with it and you can nearly go anywhere, pairing them with shades.Skinny jeans can go with topsand can get your trendy look spot on.

  • Don’t Buy Trends that do not go with Body Type

As mentioned above, do not opt for trends that do not suit your body type. Fashion trends depend on you more than ever, and not vice versa. So if a girl can carry off bold or daring attire, it might be because it suits her body type. There might be multiple fashion trends doing the rounds but do not blindly follow them. If you see something that you think cannot work for you, then you’re probably right.

  • Take Care Of Leather:

Take care of coats and shoes made of leather because, they need caring on a routine basis. They are pricey and by not taking care, they get destroyed with salt stains or just get jaded with time. Take out some extra minutes to clean and store your leather goods before bad weather sets in.

  • High Heels Can Change your Image

High heels can change your image drastically, and yes, they are not exactly great for our feet health. But wearing heels can transform your image in seconds, making you feel awesome especially in a public celebratory event.

  • Watches are the best accessories

Watches give character to your look, and even elevates your attire to a different level. With a smooth finish and sharp cut, watches and their dials can steal the limelight in any get-together getting you all the attention that you deserve. They are classic accessories and are a mark of your personality. Invest in a good watch that can last for a long time.

  • If you find a perfect look, make it your signature look

When you find your signature look, with a perfect set of T-shirts and jeans, then it is better to stick with it, and pair them with sunglasses. If you find an outfit that suits your personality always, make it your signature look and wear it when you want to define yourself.


Pay heed to the fashion lessons mentioned above, and shop the latest trends from Shoppers Stop to find a new you in 2017!

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