4 Different Types of loafers a Man Must have in his Shoe Rack

By | February 3, 2017

Loafer is one of the most preferred men’s footwear since many years. With these, you can get the ultimate experience of a gentlemen’s shoe which is combined with a sophisticated. Loafers came into inception around the year 1930 in the European country of Norway. Since then, as the years rolled on, various types of loafers have found their place in the ongoing trend.

There have been various kinds of loafers which have diversified with each passing year. The fabric, material, and design have kept on changing and now they are a must to have in your wardrobe. But finding the right pair of wardrobe to match your style which would make you look cool and provide comfort on the same hand can be difficult to find. So therefore we have come up with the different types of loafers for men in order to guide you to choose the best ones for your shoe rack also you should take a look at designer sherwanis for men.

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Penny Loafer

The first types of loafers to make our list are the Penny Loafers. These loafers are known as the Classic Loafers as well due to the classic and retro styles that they feature. In the penny loafers, there is a leather strap which runs across the top of the shoe. It is designed in such a way along with a diamond-shaped slot that it can even hold a small coin within it. There is no particular reason as to why the diamond gap in the shoe exists but there are several theories behind it. The prime reason for penny loafer retains its place as the most popular loafer style is that its beauty is unmatched, it is quite easy to dress up or dress down and it can be worn with almost any outfit.

Tassel Loafer

The Tassel Loafer is one for the generations. Its origins can be traced back to as far as 1950. This traditional loafer style was largely a result of experimentation with design back then. Although it received a cold response in the beginning but subsequently as the time passed on, it went on to become a hit in the men’s footwear category. Although there is hardly any clarity on the precise origins of the loafer, but The Alden Shoe Company took upon the task of making and redesigning something which would be very much akin to an Oxford with tassels, which led to the production of a slip-on pattern on which tassels were used as decoration, and which you can get from anywhere for your shoe rack.

Snaffle Loafer

This type of loafer isn’t much renowned by its name, but one may recognize it instantly on having a look at them. Introduced in the year 1968 by the internationally renowned brand Gucci, it has a unique look which distinguishes it from the other types of loafers. It has a golden brass which looks like a horse’s snaffle lying upon the top of the shoe. Traditionally it came in the brown color but later a black version was also created and the black lover’s got a great option for their shoe wardrobe.

Apron Loafer

These loafers can be identified from the name itself. As the name suggests, these loafers have visible stitches and edges which finish off the toe, thereby going on to form a shape in resemblance to an “apron” at the very front of the shoe. The apron loafer is usually designed with a separate piece of leather. This piece goes on from the bottom of the top line and all around the shoe. This creates a crease, or rather an impression of it between the top of the toe and the bottom. This is very stylish and comfortable to wear and hence you must definitely try it.

The Last Words

Hence we can conclude that loafers for men are the traditional and classical footwear which provide the luxury to men’s footwear. As mentioned above, they have many types and you must definitely have one of these in your shoe rack.

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