With the speed at which technology is rocketing, many people have sought ways to make easy money and who wouldn’t want to make money at the comfort of their homes anyway?

As lazy as the idea sounds, it’s a win-win situation for both the customers and the programmers. All you have to do is download an app, enjoy its features and any goodies it has to offer and on top of that, make money while you’re at it. Of course the app owners get a good share, for now let’s focus on what we get as the users.

The following are the top 5 applications to consider if you want to make money;

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This year, CashPirate takes the crown home for being the best money making app.

It is quite the interesting app, it has a variety of entertaining activities that makes it worth the use. In addition to the pleasant activities, you can also make money anytime, anywhere and while doing nothing! Yes that’s right, all you need to do is refer the app to your friends and you’ll get a chunk of 10% of their earnings when they do get the app and make money. That’s not all, when your friends refer the app to other friends (referrals’ referrals), you’ll get 5% of their earnings.

How to make these earnings in the first place?All you have to do is download free apps and games, watch some videos and maybe answering surveys.


The name of the app itself is appealing to those who want easy money. This app runs on android gadgets. The criteria is to download the app, make new friends, invite friends, download free games, answer online surveys and perhaps you might be asked to check out another website or sign up for one.

This app uses a system of tokens(coins) where each action mentioned above rewards you with a single coin and in turn 100 coins get you $1


There’s nothing to the name really. This app deals with surveys, as simple as that. Each survey rewards you with a certain amount of cash depending on the intensity of the survey. It is a simple and easy to use app which makes money making even more appealing. All you have to do is give thoughts on whatever subject is placed on the table.

  1. mCENT

This app is somewhat like the other three I’ve just mentioned, but there’s one appealing difference. The reward is on a cumulative basis. This simply means, as you do each task, your income increases and you’ll get more and more as you do more. Good incentive isn’t it? It also has the referral system, where for each person who gets to the app through you whether as a first party or a second party and so on, you get a certain motivating reward.

  1. Surveys on the go

This is an app which is available on both Android and iOS gadgets. As the name suggests, it deals with answering surveys. In exchange for a complete survey, you get a handsome reward of between $0.25 and $5. It is a legit app with a legit payment method; it has been an ongoing app for some time which backs up its legitimacy.


We can divide the money making apps of this year into broad categories;

Networking-this can further be divided into two categories; Social and Marketing. Some apps simply function as social apps where the users have to invite friends and family, others a marketing app where you sell products and form a chain of consumers and the reward is given according to products sold.

Surveys-most companies seek for additional information and so they go out of their way to make apps to specifically get that information. In the process they give rewards to their critics who are the app users.

Apps aside, you can make money through investing. There are several online trading and marketing companies which offer news and advice on investments. Among these companies, there is CMC markets and others.

In conclusion, with all these money making apps at the palm of your hands, I don’t think you have an excuse for being financially unstable.

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