Screen Capture Software

I am a high school teacher and I have a lot of free times in the evening. Although I used to take tuition for the people near my home, I thought I had to something else to make education easily accessible to people. I quickly realised that creating video lessons is an easy way to reach out to people as the YouTube videos are hugely popular and can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with a decent internet connection. I was trying to shoot my videos with a video camera and then uploading it to the internet but it was not easy to illustrate things in those videos. For adding illustrations I had to do a lot of post processing work in the computer. Although I had free time, I did not have the luxury of too much time to edit all the videos. Moreover I am not trained in all those professional video editing tools.


That is when I came across the Movavi screen capture software. I tried out the trial version first and it did not stop to amuse me with its features. So, I immediately bought the full version. Even though it felt like a costly software at first, today, after all these time, I think it is in fact a lot cheap considering all the usage it has and how it shortened the time that I take for uploading a video. I am able to capture the screen and also the web camera together and then mix them both to create a video that is to my liking. Unlike other screen capture software this has an inbuilt video editing tool which is simple but effective. I learnt how to use the tool within minutes and today my videos are liked by many of my students who use my YouTube channel to earn difficult concepts.

Added to the numerous features of the software, I can save the video in many different file formats. This helps me to create low quality videos for sending through mobiles in Whatsapp and to create the same video for uploading in the YouTube which is of moderate qualities and to even show them in my school win high definition. In short this one software helps me to create videos that are apt for each medium that I use to educate my fellows and students. Moreover the software allows me to capture my video calls with my students which can be shared to others. I use the same software to webcast live conferences between my students.

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