Need A Termite Treatment At Home? Here Are 3 Effective Solutions

By | September 14, 2016

Homeowners across the world dread termites but with the help of technological advancements you can now resort to three efficient termite treatment options. It is best, in the first place, to keep termites from getting into your home by not stacking firewood anywhere near your home, pruning the undergrowth at the foundation and averting dry-rot. But if prevention is out of question, the next best option is cure and with proper treatment it is very much possible to keep termites at bay.


Read on to learn more about the most common as well as effective termite treatment options from UrbanClap. Before you engage in any of these, you might as well talk to a qualified termite professional to find out which treatment method will efficiently drive out the termite species attacking your home.

The Bait Treatment:
This system of treatment is also commonly adopted by many homeowners as it offers minimal invasion in the home. In this traps or baits are set up along the perimeter of the property, preferably by a licensed professional, and the contents get eaten by termites. These pesticides are extensively spread all over the termite colony to effectively kill swarms at a time.
The traps for bait treatment must be removed and replaced annually and can easily be damaged by wear and tear, pets or the weather.

The Liquid Treatment:
One of the most common methods to treat infestation of termites is the use of liquid termiticides. Though there are many skeptical homeowners who prefer to stay away from chemicals liquid termite treatments have known to be one of the most effective and strongest way to get rid of bugs. Also, regular use of liquid treatment as a precautionary measure can keep termites at bay.
This treatment method starts typically by digging small trenches around the foundation of your home with the assistance of a licensed professional for termite treatment. After boring tiny holes within the foundation and filling them up with liquid termiticide, all you have to do is wait for the termites to coat the termiticide onto their exoskeletons and diffuse the liquid in their colonies.

The Fumigation Treatment:
This method is primarily resorted to as a last option for termite treatment because of the nature of pesticide typically used. Fumigation is opted mostly in regions with dry, hot climates to eradicate termite problem especially when several termite colonies build up within a certain area.
For effective fumigation, only professionals should be hired to thoroughly tarp off your home and then resort to gases for permeating into each termite colony to kill them all. It is an expensive treatment method and you will have to vacate your property for several days to avert inhaling these poisonous gases.

DIY Tips for Termite Prevention:
You can also follow these Do It Yourself (DIY) tips to keep your house protected from termite invasion.
•    Damaged Roof Repair- Termites can easily enter your home through damaged roof tiles. Get your broken tiles repaired as soon as you detect them so that termites don’t get free access to any part of your house.
•    Clear Wood near House- If you prefer to store firewood, make sure that it is kept away from your house premises. Termites feast on wood and you don’t want any wood stocked in and around your home for this very reason.
•    Foundation Crack Repair- Any crack in your foundation can also make way for termite entry. Ensure that all such damages in the foundation of your home are repaired as soon as possible.
•    Air Conditioning Maintenance- Although, Air conditioners offer great relief, mostly during summer time, don’t forget that the moisture produced by the A.C. can attract termites. It is your responsibility to point away the moisture release of the A.C. away from your home’s foundations.
•    Pipe Leakage- As is well known by now, termites thrive in damp areas. You need to regularly check all your pipes, outside as well as inside ones, and immediately repair the ones that are leaking to keep your house termite-free.
It is best to allow professionals to decide which termite treatment is best for your house. Licensed professionals have knowledge and experience as to which species have attacked your home and what is the safest and quickest way of them.

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