App downloads VS App Retention: Everything you need to know

By | September 14, 2016

When we open an Android or Apple iStore, we get to see many apps are on the list are famous and used by many potential users as well.

We all subject and review the success of the app based on the number of positive feedback and ratings. We fail to see the insight and deep research of the application.

What is more important in the app store is that number of downloads and n=how many people like the app. Based on the suggestions of the users, the play store ranks them accordingly.

However, as a developer, there are many other things the developer needs to look after rather than the number of downloads.

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Building the app and uploading for users is just a start. Even if the app hits a million downloads on the market, the application should inspire the users and promote them to use it more than juts once. It will affect the app services more, and it will also help the app to turn things around.

App Downloads

When a website has a visitor, who looks for the content, then leave and never come back again on the site. That does not help their site to increase the number of visitors.

When we have mentioned App downloads, an app does get enough attention because of the features and gig you are providing for the app. The features and offers users might like, and they start using it.

Currently, there are many apps which have come to limelight because of the opportunity provided by the play store, and many have successfully made to the spotlight such as Prisma App. The photo filter app has over million downloads in the first week of the app release.

App Retention

App retention is also called the number of active users on the app. According to the survey conducted by a major app.

The app has more than a million users on the Play Store and the active members after the first use is less than 50% by the end of the week, to be exact after seven days of million downloads.

Retention is the most crucial part of the App development, and I think it is safe to say most of the experts in the field would agree with my statement. Retention is most important to judge the value of the app and how valuable it can get in coming future. The retention gives you an exact metric on how many have downloaded the app and only used it once. The parameters are made so that you can understand the user engagement and inspire the downloaded users to use it more than just once. The metrics also assist the developers in adding necessary options to make things more interesting the users.

App downloads VS App Retention: Android App Promotion

The principal of the points gathered during the feedbacks is to show and give what the users need. Irrelevant options should be avoided as it is against the retention. The remarkable factor of the retention is that it allows opening up a new funnel of income and helps the app to generate revenue without causing any extra hindrance to the users.

The design should be very simple to understand and use because why most of the users are using the smartphone so that they can avoid their PC. The time on smartphones consumes more than Desktop; the Small screen is blessed with the focus of the users are more on what you have to offer.


App downloads are merely an opportunity to convert those visitors into regular active users.


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