A natural antidepressant and stress-buster

Also known by the name Golden Root, the RhodiolaRosea is popular in the market for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety naturally. European and Asian countries have taken the help of this supplement for ages for the treatment of various ailments like depression, fatigue, impotence, anemia, various infections and much more. The hectic and depressing present day scenario has increased the importance of this herb to greater heights. It has the ability to stabilize the body naturally by normalizing hormones without interfering with bodily functions making it one of the most sought after product in the supplement market. Also, the ingredientswith which it is produced is completely free from artificial dyes, chemical additives, yeast and pesticides making it an all-natural supplement.


Proper intake recommendations

Knowing the proper intake level is the key to deriving the maximum benefits from the use of a supplement and the Rhodiola is no exception. There are various dosage recommendations for this product by various expert level professionals. However, the general dosage level that is followed by most users ranges from 200 mg to 400 mg daily of a standardized extract containing salidrosides and rosavins in the ratio of 1:3. This compound is usually considered to be well- tolerated and safe although high intake levels can sometimes result in minor effects on the body.

The energizing effect of this supplement requires it to be taken during the early hours of the day or utmost during midday. The dosage level for such intake varies from 350 mgs to 500 mgs throughout the day once in a week. However, 500 mg of rhodiola root provides the best results. There is lack of sufficient scientific evidence to establish the effects of this herb during pregnancy or for nursing women. So, potential users undergoing similar situations should either refrain from the intake of the supplement temporarily or consume it under proper medical guidance.

Is it safe for consumption?

Among various adaptogens studied in Russia, this perennial herb is considered to have great expectation. Unfortunately, most of the studies carried out earlier are no longer available for further reference and verification. But modern research suggests that there are some positive characteristics in this perennial herb even if it is not as extraordinary as some earlier research suggests. Certain medical conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, cardiac or other health-related issues may contraindicate the effects of this perennial herb but this does not negate the effects which this energy booster provides.

This herbal supplement might interact with other medications to produce undesired effects on the user. Although 500 mg of rhodiola root can provide you with the desired result it is recommended to proceed with extreme caution and explore all possibilities that might occur from the intake of this supplement. So, the question is will it work for you? Well, considering its low toxicity level and its ability to boost the mood you might consider trying it for yourself. But it is suggested to discuss the matter with a registered doctor or dietician before experiencing its benefits.

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