If you take your health seriously, then you probably already know what foods to eat and which to avoid (or any processed food with high glycemic index). Although already have this knowledge you could still be losing some hidden benefits in the foods you eat.

To unlock the full nutritional potential of your meals, remember that vegetables, fruits and other whole foods we eat are also living organisms. As such, they have their own biomechanics of self-defense to protect them from predators. The product of these biological mechanisms such as trace elements, carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, and phytochemicals can also protect health problems.


  1. Garlic

People tend to chop the garlic and immediately cast him in a heat source. There is no doubt that the added depth of garlic adds a unique flavor, unfortunately, the rush to get him into the pan kills primary health benefits of garlic.Garlic contains a protein called alliin element and heat sensitive enzyme called alliinase. When you cut a thin membrane of garlic alliin and alliinase are synthesized in an antimicrobial compound called allicin, this may have the ability to fight cancer and heart-related diseases.Garlic sounds amazing so far, but here’s the problem: A group of food chemists said applying heat immediately after cutting the garlic destroys the alliinase-the same enzyme needed to form the most valuable component of garlic. At that time, most of its healing properties are in flames.The good news is that you can still cook garlic and harvest their properties (and taste), just letting the garlic cut into pieces get some rest. That is all. Once the garlic is cut, keep it away from heat and let sit for 8-10 minutes before cooking. This short delay allows the process of allicin is completed.

  1. Potatoes

Rapidly digested starches found in potatoes or potatoes actually increase blood sugar almost as high and as fast as consumption of white sugar with a spoon. This is especially true if the standard of supermarkets like white meat or Russet potatoes are purchased ready for frying.Although our bodies are designed to manage the rapid rise in blood glucose foods with a high glycemic index with a hormone called insulin, if large amounts of sugary foods regularly consumed can lead to a condition called insulin resistance.At that point, the blood glucose can no longer be controlled properly without medicine. The development of this process usually leads to type 2 diabetes.The solution is to cook the potatoes and then cool in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. The coldest temperature reduces the glycemic index starches, which reduces by 25 percent in the resulting increase in blood glucose. The pancreas will thank you as it is responsible for insulin release. Excessive demands on the pancreas by repeated glucose peaks damaged organ over time.From that moment, the cold will decrease the glycemic index of potatoes for you to enjoy, free of worries. You can also slow down the digestion of starch by adding potatoes fats (olive oil for example). This is one of the tricks that are widely used by athletes.

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