All about Curcumin and Turmeric

By | June 21, 2016

Curcumin is a constituent of the turmeric which is considered as a spice that is taken from the plant Curcuma.  Turmeric is a yellow coloured spice that is taken from the rhizomes which is an underground stem. This can be taken by boiling and grinding this stem. This spice is commonly used in the Indian curries. This is an inevitable part among the medicinal plants and is most commonly used in Ayurveda .Most commonly it can be used for the treatment of many skin problems, problem in digestion and liver disorders. Curcumin is one that gives the yellow colour for the turmeric and this pertain many medicinal benefits.

Curcumin is an antioxidant and also pertain anti inflammation properties. The supplements which consists of curcumin and turmeric is used for the treatment many conditions like

  • Indigestion problem
  • Problem in the liver and the gall bladder.
  • Can be used for the treatment in diabetes.
  • Cancer
  • This can treat problems such as the inflammation in the skin
  • Also acts as a solution for respiratory and cold problems.

We can see that all the curcumin cannot be good equally. This can vary on each other. One of the most performed curcumin will contain piperine or some other compound which can improve the capacity of the curcumin as a medical product. This can helps the product absorb all the nutrients in a desired manner that is all these reach to the required organs properly. Piperine is a compound that enables the black pepper to have a different property. This has the capability for blocking of the fat cells. The combination of piperine along with curcumin increases the bioavailability. We can consume around 500 mg of curcumin along with 3 to 5 mg of the piperine.

Curcumin and Cancer

Curcumin is useful for the treatment of cancer. Most of the research has proved that this has the capability of destroying the cells that produces cancer. By this way it does not harm the other cells also. This has the capability of preventing the new blood vessels which supply the nutrients to the tumours.

Curcumin plays a major role in reducing the resistance for the insulin and also decreases the inflammation caused. This also plays a major role with anti aging capacity.

Side Effects

Like all other supplements curcumin is also having mild side effects. This may include diarrhoea, gas formation and other problem like nausea. People who are suffering with disease that are related to the gall bladder , cancer that is caused due to the hormone problems and infertility etc is advisable to avoid the usage of this supplement without consulting with the physician. Whatever supplement is used it is better to consult with the doctor regarding the dosage.

Piperine is one of the substances that increase the blood plasma. Thus, when combined together, Curcumin supplements with piperine extract works wonders. Piperine is extracted from the plant Piper nigrum. This is a plant that produces both white and black pepper.

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