How JEE Main Rank is Calculated ?

By | April 3, 2016

As we all know that JEE Main 2016 is just a day away and final revision is going on. So students should be fully aware of the expected cut offs and how the rank is calculated. This exam will make you one step forward towards your dream college like IITs, NITs or GFTIs. But for that you have to give your best in this round. The candidates appearing for JEE Main 2016 should be well aware of the procedure of calculating AIR so that they get an idea of appearing in the exam. JEE Main 2016 Answer key will tell everything about your result and you can easily predict your approximate score by looking at that key. Here we are going to tell you the complete procedure for calculating the JEE Main AIR.


Process of preparing JEE Main rank list

There are two kinds of scores used in this list; composite scores of JEE Main and normalized scores of class 12th. Composite scores of JEE Main and normalized score of class 12th are calculated in 60:40 ratio. Then the merit list of composite scores is arranged and rank is granted on this basis only. Therefore we can see that the marks obtained in JEE Main has more weight age and therefore requires maximum hard work. 2016 JEE Main answer key will help you a lot in taking out the composite scores in advance.

Procedure of calculating composite scores

There is a fixed formula for calculating the composite marks of JEE Main which is described below:

(JEE Main marks)*60 + (normalized marks of class 12th)*40/100

Now all the student must have understood the JEE main marks that is called composite marks but what about the normalized marks. How the normalized marks are calculated? Let’s see the process of arriving at the normalized scores now.

Procedure of arriving at Normalized scores

We will explain you step by step about the process of arriving at the normalized scores.

The average of two JEE Main scores is actually the normalized score of your class 12th marks. Now you all will be confused by this two JEE main scores. The two JEE Main scores are derived by straightforwardly relating your class 12th results to overall JEE Main results.

  • Your percentile is calculated on the basis of class 12th results by the below given formula:


Number of students in board with total marks less than you *100

Total number of candidates in the group

  • Scores of all the students appearing in JEE Main exams are arranged in merit and their percentile is derived. Let this be B1.
  • Now the scores of all JEE Main eligible candidates are arranged according to merit who are appearing from class 12th and their percentile is derived. Let this be B2.
  • The normalized score is the average of this B1 and B2.

Difference between Percentage and Percentile

Students should not be confused with Percentage and Percentile as they are completely different. On the one hand percentage is calculating on the basis of total marks obtained out of aggregate marks. Whereas percentile score is the pattern of how many percent of students have scored below you in the given examination.

Subject required for calculating Percentile score

Five subjects in total are considered for calculating the percentile score of any candidate and these subjects are language, Physics, Math, Chemistry (biology, biotechnology or vocational subject) and any other subject.

If any student has 6 subjects then the subject having better marks in 5th or 6th will be considered for evaluation.

Process of arriving at final AIR

Although the JEE Main answer key will help in arriving at the possible scores but then also there is set formula for arriving at the AIR. When the composite scores of JEE Main are arranged according to merit order, then the AIR is derived.

Final Verdict

Students should look at the previous scorecards for better understanding of the AIR. This knowledge will help the students in performing well in this exam because they will have the full analysis of how much they have to score in that exam. JEE Main 2016 Answer key will also help them a lot in this case.

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