The best trends for fall 2015 for women over 40

By | January 19, 2016

The best trends for fall 2015 for women over 40 |

Ready to have some fun this fall? Designers went bold for Fall 2015. Neutrals are out — color, luxury and texture are in.

When looking at runway images, don’t be discouraged by the severe makeup looks and styling. It’s more about inspiration than taking the runway look literally. Sure, the looks seem unwearable, but the runway is like an opera stage. The designer is telling a short and very dramatic story which sometimes encompasses bold, crazy makeup, wild wigs, models with lots of attitude and out of the box styling.

The show gets your attention, gets your creative juices going and broadcasts the designer’s theme, loud and clear. But by the time runway looks hit most boutiques and department stores, many of the avant garde looks off the runway have been softened or toned down to be a bit more practical. Same trend, just more wearable. So take inspiration from the bits and pieces you like and don’t get hung up on black lips or sheer tops.

Here’s a review of the seven best trends for Fall 2015 for women over 40, right off the runway with tips on how to get the look and wear it!

Fall 2015 Trend #1: Pattern and Texture Mixes

The best trends for fall 2015 for women over 40 - Pattern |

The biggest trend for Fall 2015 is the combination of unexpected patterns and textures. It may be worth reading the post How to Mix Prints and Patterns Like an Expert — there’s a lot of mixing and matching for fall and the tips in the post will come in handy.

Mix and match your favorite patterns and prints to get the look. This fall is a great time to work in a favorite chunky sweater or old pattern and give it a fresh, new look. Here are some runway inspired items available now to add pattern and texture to your look:

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Fall 2015 Trend #2: Long Skirts

The best trends for fall 2015 for women over 40 - skirt |

Minis are taking a break for Fall 2015, which is great news for your cold legs. Long, feminine skirts were seen everywhere, taking over pants. While some skirts are nearly ankle length, anything knee length or lower is on trend. Long skirts can be sexy — Prabal Gurung used sheer lace in a longer silhouette while still showing off the legs. And wearing a long flowy skirt when you’re walking down the street feels like you’re on your own runway! Some favorites from online retailers include:

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Fall 2015 Trend #3: Ponchos


The poncho comes in many cuts and styles this fall. Call it a wrap, cape, shawl or poncho, it’s the perfect layer when the weather gets colder. Michael Kors added versatility to his by adding a long scarf to the ends. It can be a cape or oversized scarf. If you feel like a poncho swallows you up, there are several ways to wear one well:

  • try a lightweight fabric
  • try a high-low look like Lemaire’s
  • belt it like BCBG did

Shop the look with these ponchos:

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Fall 2015 Trend #4: Color


Off whites and beiges are out while bolder tones are in. The two fool-proof ways to wear bold color for Fall 2015 involve:

Color block

Mix and match bold colors in sections like Bottega Veneta or Tsumori Chisato. For example, a turquoise turtleneck with red pants and a bold, orange belt.


Pick one bold color and wear it everywhere, like the Prabal Gurung look. For a little variation when layering for fall, wear the same color in lighter and darker shades.

Some great items to add a little color to your wardrobe include:

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Fall 2015 Trend #5: Long, Luxurious Coats


My favorite look for fall is the long, luxurious coat. It’s like an elegant bath robe when you’re feeling lazy. The longer the coat, the better! The most important thing to remember when choosing the coat is to choose a quality fabric like wool, crepe or cashmere. Other than length and quality, there’s a big variety of options, all on trend, ranging from button down to zippers to waist tie. There’s also rounded shoulders, more tailored and masculine coats and many options in between. Regardless of color and pattern choice, a great way to wear the trend is to wear your coat like a dress.

Fall coat picks available now:

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Fall 2015 Trend #6: An Accent on the Neckline


Fall is about featuring the face. Designers styled their runway looks with headbands, collar necklaces, gorgeous necklines and details around the neckline. The trend frames your face beautifully. It’s a great time to show off your best facial features, so remember to sport your favorite lipstick color or smoky eye! Some ways to wear the look include:

  • selecting tops that have interesting details around the collar or an unusual cut
  • wearing antique pins
  • wearing bold necklaces or earrings or a combination of both
  • adding a gorgeous scarf

You can’t overdo the accessories and visual interest around your décolleté area, look at the Miu Miu runway look for reference.

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Fall 2015 Trend #7: Monochromatic Assymetry


I discussed the monochrome color look in the color trend, but I wanted to repeat and pair it with the extra element of assymetric lines for impact, since it’s an important and flattering look. The unexpected assymetry softens tailoring and the strong monochromatic look. Gorgeous, rich colors like marsala or deep burgundy, olive and whites were featured on the runway. Give it a try! It’ll streamline your look and give you a slimmer, longer silhouette. Some ways to add assymetry to your monchromatic look include:

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