Road to rooms

By | January 19, 2016

Visit to Pakistan rekindled the artist in Sahar Zaman. She has brought art from the streets in to homes. “Through a friend who promotes truck art, I was exposed to this form of folk art. I was impressed with the way reflective stickers are used to make colourful patterns that glow in the dark and turn the ugly trucks into beautiful pieces of art,” she says.

 She decided to buy a few sheets of the reflective stickers and bring them home. “I had this ugly aluminum trunk at home which I could not bear to look at. So, first I gave it a base paint of a deep blue colour, and then hand-cut fine pieces of reflective sticker and applied it on the surface in a pattern. It looked like a work of art,” she adds.
 The trunk attracted attention from family and friends, who wanted a similar trunk and they placed orders. That is how Zaman, who is an art journalist, became an artist herself. With no formal training, she cuts the stickers by free-hand to make the patterns, a time consuming and tedious process.
 “While working with the material, I realised that it can be applied on any smooth surface. More importantly, it is water proof and scratch proof,” she says. So from storage trunks, Zaman has diversified to jewellery, leather handbags and homeware which includes wine glasses, bottles, trays, copper goblets, silver glasses.
 How would you define art? “It’s an expression of what lies in your sub-conscious. It’s the most eloquent form of expression with the use of colours. And it’s interesting to know what colours indicate — which emotion or state of mind,” she replies.

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