Rethink degrees

By | January 19, 2016

IN the midst of the spot light on India’s education system, there is a need to review and change some notions about credentials and grades, said experts at an event in Delhi recently.

 Highlighting Indians’ love for degrees, Pradipta Banerjee, director, IIT Roorkee, said, “We need to change the social dimension of a degree.Everybody wants their sons and daughters to be graduates.” India could consider Germany’s example, which has various education and training platforms, including polytechnics for skilling and universities for graduates, he said at a panel discussion on `Status of Higher Education in States and Union Territories of India,’ during the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Global University-Industry Congress 2015.
 Banerjee also touched upon the challenge of aligning the curriculum with industry requirements in times of economic change. “Industry talks about what it needs today. But what we develop today would be delivered four-five years down the line when industry will have moved a goalpost.So, the curriculum should have that flexibility. While you gain depth in a certain area, you also gain breadth of knowledge.”

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