Hottest trend in bags: bucket bags – would you like a neutral or colorful one?

By | January 19, 2016

Spring 2015 trend: the bucket bag |

The bucket bag is quite possibly the biggest trend in bags right now.

I love this casual yet chic bag that will be practical for every-day use. If you get a bucket bag with fringes, you tackle two main trends in one go and will immediately add that 70s vibe.

Question is, what kind of bag do you need? Do you need a neutral bag that you can wear with everything?

Or opt for a colorful bag instead that will brighten up neutral colored outfits?

If I look at the bags that I personally wear the most, they are usually my most colorful ones. My soft red bag especially gets a lot of outings as the splash of red is usually just what an outfit needs to make it more interesting. I actually feel the need for more colorful bags at the moment as I have added quite a few neutrals to my closet recently. This mint green bag would look great with white or light grey.

I also enjoy using my printed bag (seen here) which is always great to make a more solid color outfit more interesting, so I would love to add one more of those. I really like this very affordable geometric black and white bag.

Then again, a blue bag is great for mixing all those blues together this summer and a nude or lighter bag would also be fabulous with your all white outfits.

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