By | January 18, 2016

When it comes to dressing for winter you don’t always have to resort to cardigans, coats or woolens. For those of you that live in those geographies that see mild winters there is always better ways to embrace those light winter layers. Here is showing you just how to dress in winter, with these stylish variations…

Depending on the weather you can opt for uppers that are designed for your winter convenience. These ponchos or bandh galas made in tweed and cotton respectively can be worn over spaghetti straps as the second layer. Not only do these work as a shield in winter but also make a subtle and smart fashion statement.

Electra Poncho available at Global Desi for ₹2,499.00, Maloney Poncho available at Global Desi for ₹2,199.00, White handwoven cotton top available at Jaypore for ₹2690.

Loose cotton dresses worn with kaftan pattern flow coats, teamed together with a belt to hold the look together is just how you ace the comfy winter look. A simple straight cut dress worn with a thick tweed kaftan or a denim oversized shirt not only adds a bohemian touch but also makes for an easy breezy attire.

Bell sleeve denim jacket available at Bhane for ₹2900, flow coat available at Bhane for ₹3100.

For a more ethnic approach to your winter look you can opt for thick Tussar silk full length kurta that can alternately be teamed with palazzos, straight cut pants and even full length skirts. Choose and pick in accordance with the weather. You can even opt for a heavy dupatta and decide on how to layer clothes.

White Ikat kurta is available at Tadpolestore for ₹8950, cotton dobby stitch line long kurta is available at fabindia for ₹1390. Set of indigo and white cotton hand block printed kurta available at Tadpolestore for ₹6,380.00.

Maxi skirts, maxi dresses or dhoti pants, one or more of them worn in contemporary ensembles is another very chic way of wearing a semi-ethnic contemporary look. You can choose between picking one of these very well designed outfits and in case you are feeling too experimental you can also create one for yourself.

A set of blue bare jacket and khadi skirt available at for ₹5,800.00, Multicolor bold geometric print cotton dhoti jumpsuit is available at Tadpolestore for ₹11,000.00, Denim cape to be teamed with any loose cut dress available at Tadpolestore for ₹3100.

These shrugs in bright hues work as everything you need for your winter covers. Team these with inners in solid colours for a well-balanced ensemble or wear them with kurtas for a bright and beautiful winter outfits.

Britann shrug available at Global Desi for ₹2,999.00 and Emanaia duster shrug available at Global Desi for ₹3,699.00.

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