By | January 18, 2016
It took the sun hardly twelve hours to set on 2015 and dawn on 2016 but since the world still insists on new beginnings and fresh starts we at BeBeautiful are going to play by the rules! And the fashion fanatics that we are, our new starts are all about fresh fashion. Read on as we scout the net and put together a stellar fashion forecast for the year.

Paper bag waists

The high waist pants that have been ruling the roost for a while now, have a new cousin on the block—the paper bag waist pants! The paper bag waists are baggy waistlines that offer volume at the mid-riff with ruffles at the top in various degrees. Either way these roomy silhouettes are going to be big this year.

Best suited for:

Paper bag waists offer both volume and ruffles so if you are looking at concealing a broad waistline then this might not help. For those of you with slender mid-riffs and flat tummies paper bag waists is just how you can accentuate your curves.

Victorian influences and statement sleeves

This year’s fashion will see a very strong influence of Victorian sensibilities in terms of those ruffles, bows, puffy sleeves, high-collar neck lines, frills, pearls and laces. All put together, vintage is the word this season! While the exaggerated, puffy and bell sleeves will all qualify as statement sleeves, the no-bare necks will be equally popular. High-collar necks, chokers, skinny scarfs, layers necklaces and ribbons—all spell Victorian to the T.

Best suited for:

Victorian frills, cuts, exaggerated sleeves and high-collar necks are all very versatile designs and work equally well on skinny and voluptuous frames. While these intricate cuts in flowy fabrics conceal a few extra pounds the Victorian neck lines are custom-made to flatter your curves.

Slides and mules

Chic yet comfy are the two style mantras that we swear by when it comes to shoes and this year’s shoe trend is making us extremely happy! Slip ons, mules, loafers call them what you must but this super easy-breezy footwear is a welcome change after the last year’s bulky gladiators and creepers.

Best suited for:

The many materials that these mules are available in makes it easy to wear them to most occasions. While a pair of these in leather is apt for formal do a printed one can be worn for the more informal outings.

Bare shoulders

A new take on the off shoulder neckline, this trend has only evolved to a more glamorous version of itself. Droopy necklines, flowing sleeves and bare shoulders; this cut has an X- factor like no other. This year will see a lot of bare shoulders and flowing silhouettes.

Best suited for:

The best part about the bare shoulder trend is that it isn’t restricted to any body type. There are perfect lips and hips but there is no ideal shoulder. So all kinds of body frames can embrace this super positive summer trend and flaunt those necklines and shoulders.

Pretty pleats

Those massive wide pleats are out. The pleated maxi skirts and dresses are now going to evolve and graduate to tinier and tighter knife pleats. Those light weight cuts and tighter pleats not only add a feminine touch to the outfit but also flare it up. Expect to see those maxis and gowns all pleat up to make some feminine ensembles.

Best suited for:

Because pleats can add bulk to your frame, they are better suited for those with thinner bodies. For a woman with a rectangular frame, pleated skirts add definition to the bottom half of the body, thus adding a feminine touch and balancing out her look. For a woman with an hourglass figure, pleats will accentuate her curves. A woman with a pear and apple shape body however should avoid pleats so no attention is drawn to the wide bottom half.


We never really stopped loving those Ginghams, neither did we stop wearing them. So we don’t know if they are all that new a trend for 2016 but they are big this season none-the-less. These plaids in all sizes, depending on your taste and features are all very welcome this year.

Best suited for:

All body types can wear the ginghams with equal panache provided you know how to style them. Plaids and ginghams work best when teamed with solid colours but the trick is to balance them well.

Those with heavy butts can wear gingham pants with long tops in solid colours and a bright pair of shoes. Thinner frames can team a crisp pair of denims with a checks shirt and a solid coloured jacket for a casual look.

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