Apple Watch 2 Production Reportedly Delayed

By | January 18, 2016

Apple Watch 2

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard that Apple is reportedly planning an event for March 2016 for the launch of the new Apple Watch 2, as well as the cheaper iPhone. Some reports even hinted that Apple will start the trial production of the new Apple Watch 2 this month, but it seems that’s not happening

According to a new report, Apple may have pushed back the launch of the Apple Watch 2. The report also mentions that it won’t bring any major changes or improvements, but merely minor additions, and may not launch in March.

As per the report, the refreshed version may ship in March, but it won’t bring any major changes, except the addition of Facetime. Even the software may not get a major change in the refreshed Apple Watch, but things may change in the future so we’d suggest a little bit of salt for this rumor.

The report says that Apple may schedule an event in March where we may get to see the new 4-inch iPhonewe’ve heard so much about in the past few weeks.

Things may change in the future, so we’ll wait for an official word from the Cupertino company itself. We’ll update you if we get to hear anything more about the alleged Apple Watch 2.

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